One of the World's Most Loved Programs and Communities for MSPs.

3,500+ MSP Members

140,000+ Community Posts

200+  Templates & Resources

The Tech Tribe is One of the World's Most Loved Programs and Communities to Help You Better Run & Grow an MSP or IT Service Provider.

Being part of The Tech Tribe allows you to:

  • Fast track your success with help from Industry Experts who have been there before you.
  • Share your journey with a Tribe of other people just like you. People running MSP’s, IT Service Providers and Technology Businesses.
  • Find what you should and shouldn’t be working on IN and ON your business.

And much, MUCH more 🤓

Here's A Summary Of What You Get Inside



You'll get access to Workshops to help you better run and grow your MSP or IT Service Business on topics such as Running QBRs, Sales, Marketing and much more!


You'll regularly hear from Industry Experts that we bring in to run Workshops on topics such as Outsourcing, LinkedIn, CyberSecurity and More!


You'll join an amazingly supportive Community where 3,500+  MSPs Gather to Help Each Other (and don't worry, it's not one of those highly disruptive Facebook groups)


Every Month You'll get a Marketing Content Starter Pack that includes daily Social Media Posts, Weekly Prospect Emails and a Monthly Printed Newsletter Template!


You'll get access to 2 x Live Q+A calls every month. Each call is recorded and every question is time-stamped so if you miss a call, you can easily catch-up just the questions that interest you!


You'll get Access to our famous Tribal Library, chock full of  Templates including an MSP Agreement, a New Client  Onboarding Checklist, an IT Budget Template and WAY more!


When I started my MSP I knew there were some unknowns and so I began searching for answers. That same evening I stumbled across The Tech Tribe and within 48 hours of joining, my life was transformed.

Every day I learn something new and best of all you have the opportunity to give back now and then as well!

Callum Golding 
Founder || 

I had been working with a business coach for 2 years at a cost of $50k when I joined the Tech Tribe.

In the first 12 weeks in the Tribe I learnt more than I had in the previous 2 years with my business coach. 

Thanks Nigel and Team, awesome work!

Damian Wiseman
Director || Ginko IT

The Tech Tribe is a great community of peers, many have been around for a long time and are more than willing to part with some knowledge to help us avoid pitfalls.

In addition to the community aspect there are loads of great materials that help level-up your MSP.

Vince Cooper
PinPoint Networks

The Tech Tribe is one of the best places I've ever been a part of in terms of Industry Knowledge, in terms of Understanding and in terms of Help!

There is so much activity, there is so much help, there is so much support (even from a Mental Health perspective because let's face it - the MSP business is HARD). 

Mark Copeman
Director || WiseCurve

I heard about the Tech Tribe around the traps for a while before having a serious look. Now I am kicking myself for how much time I wasted before jumping on board.

The sheer depth of information in the Tribal Library, the monthly Tribal Gatherings, and the active Community Forums make joining the Tech Tribe one of the best decisions I have made. 

Aaron Jervis
Founder || Reef IT

I love learning how to make our company better, Nigel and Co provide much more than just business advice with the Tribe.

It helps us to make sure we look after ourselves as well as our business. It's full of Tips, tricks and perks too. 

What more could you ask for?

Wayne Howard
Ludicity Cloud Services

The Tech Tribe is literally the best community that I've ever been a part of.

For the price you pay and the resources you get - it's an absolute no brainer!

Chris Timm
Sondela Consulting

The value I receive from Nigel and The Tech Tribe is amazing. I wish we had the Tribe 5 years ago. I would have a lot more money in the bank.

Scott Clark
Co-Founder || 
Think Cloud

We joined the Tech Tribe as founding members back in 2017 and we're still here!

It's great to have a place to ask about the challenges we have growing our MSP and to get answers from Nigel and other peers

Michael Milad-Said
Co-Founder || GKM2

Founder of The Tech Tribe


Our founder, Nigel Moore, dropped out of Uni and started in the Tech Industry in 1998 (well before MSPs really existed).

He likes to joke that he made every mistake possible trying to build his MSP, which led him to working stupid hours (100+ some weeks) while earning even stupider money (~$40k some years).

He eventually realized he was on the path to ruin and started to work ON his business (and ON himself) to turn things around. When his MSP was acquired in 2016, he only needed to work in it 5-10 hours per week and it gave him and his business partner a tidy 6 figure profit per year each.

The Tech Tribe is Nigel's way of teaching other MSPs how to avoid all the silly mistakes he made over the years 🤓


Working out what to include and exclude in an MSP offering as well as how to bundle, package and price your plans is one of the toughest things most MSPs face when building and growing their business.

In this short, but impactful read, Nigel demystifies the process, answers the tough questions and provides examples to help you build an MSP offering that not only appeals to your clients but also allows you to scale.