We're all a little crazy, all a little funny and all 100% committed to helping our Tribe Members better run and grow their MSPs😎

The order of our profiles on this page is randomly generated each time you load the page - this is to avoid Nigel getting a big ego from beign up the top of the page all the time 😂

Founder & CEO

Nigel started in the MSP / IT Support Industry in 2002 and eventually successfully sold his MSP in 2016. In 2017 he founded The Tech Tribe with the mission to equip MSPs around the world to better run and grow their business and to avoid the millions of mistakes he made throughout his journey. Nigel's an Annoying husband, Crazy Dad and Try-hard Surfer with a love of travelling the world🤓



Andrea brings over 25 years of technology marketing experience to the Tech Tribe including a history of helping MSPs become better marketers. As the Head of Member Success, she is driven by delivering content, campaigns and support that inspire the success of others. When she's not working, she indulges in her obsessions with concerts, mystery novels, and fitness.



JP has been sharpening his skills with several development technologies for more than a decade. He builds new features on our Tribal Platform and helps keep it bug free. Like most good I.T. people, he's a geeky sci-fi fan and lives with his wife and daughter on Margarita Island.



Allan is a huge fan of basketball and has been programming since he was a teenager. He builds new features for the Tribe and looks after the Tribal Platform to make sure all of the 50+ vendors and tools that make up the Tribal Experience all talk nicely to each other.



Fatima is the friendly face on the other end of Support Requests . She also oversees the back-end Administration of the Tech Tribe and keeps everything flowing for our 2,000+ users! She's a lover of systems and process, she dances when reconciliations reconcile and she loves making sure everyone she interacts with leaves with a big fat smile😁


Accounts Assistant

Ice joined Team Tribe in 2022 and wrangles all the numbers & accounting behind the scenes, making sure that the 1,000's and 1,000's of transactions we do every month are categorized properly and that everyone's paid correctly. Fun fact: Her real name is Aisa Elena, however she prefers to be known by her nickname Ice😀


Growably Expert
& Live Host

After being in the MSP Industry for over a decade, Andrew successfully sold his MSP in 2016. He now mentors and coaches other MSPs around the world and has a deep passion for helping and serving others. Andrew helps out our members with Marketing & helping them to better use our Marketing & Sales Automation tool, Growably.

Claire Jenks

Meetup Leader (EMEA)

Claire helps busy MSP owners get out of their own way and remove them as the bottleneck by helping them get stuff done, so they can attend more events and grow their business. Since walking into her first MSP event, she has become a big advocate for the MSP Community and what it stands for. Claire can now be found at many MSP Events and looks after all the Tribal Meetups in EMEA, supporting the Tribal Chieftains and all our members who attend.


IT Manager

Dan runs a boutique MSP in Canada and knows pretty much every Vendor that services the MSP Industry (it's rare for him to come across one he hasn't heard of yet). If you're a Vendor wanting to offer our members a special offer on your Product or Service, he's your man!

mark copeman

MSP Website Expert

Mark founded Customer Thermometer in 2010, a MSP specific Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Tool. After 8 successful (& crazy) years, he sold his 50% share and wrote the book Helpdesk Habits (required reading for every MSP owner and their team, along with the corresponding course). He's a Customer Experience Addict and recently compiled a new book called MSP Secrets.



Gabriel is our rockstar Graphic Designer and designs the Graphics and User Experience for our Tribe Members both inside our Tribal Portal and across the 100+ Templates & Resources our Tribe Members get access to. Gabriel has a gift of making something seemingly boring look amazing👀


Admin Assistant

Ray works behind the scenes to build and wrangle the hundreds and hundreds of documents and templates that our Tribe Members get access to (including the Monthly Marketing Packs). He's a wizard at Document Management and Layouts and makes sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed🙃


Infrastructure Manager

Vinit lives and breathes Linux, Devops and Infrastructure. He spends his days tuning, securing and tweaking the infrastructure and tools that host the Tribal Platform so that our members have a reliable and fast experience all the time.



Juan José, a web developer from Mexico, finds his passion in building on top of WordPress. He embarked on his journey in the developer world at the age of 14 and has since been continuously expanding his knowledge in new technologies. Beyond the digital realm, he cherishes the simple joys of life, often sharing his adventures with his wife and daughter.

DeForest Williamson

Client Support Rep

DeForest is your friendly-neighborhood support rep working behind the scenes to make sure all of our members have an amazing experience on our platform in the Community as well as Growably!
When she's not pulling her hair over technical bugs she enjoys spending her time writing, obsessing over all things design & art and traveling to new places!

Robert Phu

Client Support Rep

Rob is an Aussie currently living in the wonderful islands of the Philippines. With over 10 years of customer experience under his belt, he's here to tackle any support questions, big or small! He loves travelling to Japan to escape the heat during Australia's crazy hot Summers and spends his time playing computer games.

MJ Agquiz

Admin Assistant

MJ loves to tick off things on her to-do list and that means she's always making sure that everything is taken care of in the backend for all our Tribe members. She shares her home office with 3 cats -- good thing they never try to catch her mouse!