November 26, 2020

Working out what to include and exclude in an MSP offering as well as how to bundle, package and price your plans is one of the toughest things most MSPs face when building and growing their business.

In this short but impactful read, Nigel demystifies the process, answers the tough questions and provides examples to help you build an MSP offering that not only appeals to your clients but also allows you to scale.


You should also buy the Physical Version of this book for 3 reasons (not because of the 20 cents margin I make 😂):

  1. You’ve got a much greater chance of reading á physical book than you do a PDF
  2. You can easily bookmark the pages and take notes
  3. And, I’ve got it listed ridiculously cheap on Amazon here 😎

Enjoy the read and I hope there are many golden nuggets in there for you 🤓

About the author 

Fatima Malabanan

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