November 26, 2020

Disaster can strike at any minute (and the last few years the world has certainly seen its fair share of floods, fires and terrorist acts).

For a small business that isn’t prepared, a disaster can send them out of business, faster than you can say “plan”.

And even for the businesses that do survive a disaster – if they don’t have a tested battleplan in place, then the extended downtime can cost them tens of thousands of dollars per hour.

Using the Business Continuity Plan template below, you can create a basic plan for your clients and invoice them anywhere from $2,000 to many tens of thousands of dollars.

Even a small 11 page document and plan like this can mean the difference between getting a company back up and running in 2-3 hours instead of 2-3 weeks. 

Simple re-brand it with your logo, add all of the details for your client (and anything else they need) and then present it to them, letting them know to store copies in multiple secure locations (and that you’ll store copies at your site as well).

You can also find The Visio Network Schematic here… (people always love and understand a good picture, far better than words).

About the author 

Fatima Malabanan

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