January 5, 2021

Sending your New Clients and New Users at Existing Clients some sort of Getting Started Guide or Client Manual is a great way to:

  • Show your level of professionalism
  • Set good expectations up front
  • Help them work with you better

This Word template is designed so that 80-90% of the work is done for you. You just need to re-brand, tweak and fine-tune.

Then go and get it professionally printed and bound in bulk at your local Kinkos, Fedex or Officeworks.

Surem, not every single end user is going to read every single word.

But a lot of people will read through parts of it and those are the people that count 🤓

It’s all a part of standing out amongst all the MSPs that don’t do things like this.

About the author 

Fatima Malabanan

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