November 26, 2020

In the early years in running his MSP, Nigel was a stark raving micro-manager 😂.

However, in the middle of overwhelm, he finally came to the realization that micro-management was not only driving him (and the team) mad – but it was also holding the business back from growing.

So, he implemented a Decision Matrix to help the team know when and how to make better decisions.

It ended up becoming one of the better internal tools/processes / SOPs he implemented in his MSP and it can help you:

  • To stop being needed for every decision in the business
  • Enable your team to make empowering decisions
  • Take FAR more holidays where you can switch off
  • Grow your business faster
  • Help your team grow as decision makers

Tweak/customize this Tribal Template to suit you and your MSP and then run through it with your team.

About the author 

Fatima Malabanan

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