November 26, 2020

IMPORTANT: We are not lawyers, so do not use this Agreement in your business before having your lawyer adjust and tweak it for your exact circumstances. 

There are clauses in here that the state of NSW, Australia requires that you might not need in your business. We’ve highlighted some of these in yellow so you or your lawyer can easily see them.

Please. bear in mind that some of the clauses in these agreements are worded heavily in YOUR favor. If you feel they are too far in your favor – please work with your lawyer to tune them down to something you’re comfortable with. We ultimately decided to upload them heavily weighted in your favor so you can tune them down as you see fit.

Ok, now that the legal warning blurb is over, here’s some steps to take to get started!

1. Change out all the orange text for your own
2. Run it past your lawyer to tweak or adjust it for you
3. Speak to your lawyer about anything else you want to remove or add (we included quite a lot, so you can scale it down to something that suits you)

Remember, the whole goal of this document is to you a general framework to start with rather than you having to start from scratch.


About the author 

Fatima Malabanan

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