by Rally 

November 19, 2020

DO NOT USE THIS AGREEMENT BEFORE HAVING YOUR LEGAL TEAM ADJUST AND APPROVE IT FOR YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Normally to have a Legal Agreement like this built from scratch – it will cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000. However, we believe there’s no point in paying your legal team to re-invent the wheel. So, simply give this baseline agreements to your lawyer or legal team and ask them to adjust and tweak it to suit your exact circumstances. You’ll save the majority of those costs that you can put back into other areas of your business. Please bear in mind that some of the clauses in these agreements are worded heavily in YOUR favor. If you feel they are too far in your favor – please work with your lawyer to tune them down to something you’re comfortable with. We ultimately decided to upload them heavily weighted in your favor so you can tune them down as you see fit. Ok, now that the legal warning blurb is over, here’s the quick overview (make sure you read it).. This IT Partner Agreement needs to be used in conjunction with the Terms of Service Agreement (as you can see in the image below). Simply send this IT Partner Agreement out to your partners in the normal way you send quotes or proposals making sure it references the Terms of Service Agreement.

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