November 26, 2020

Send this document to the old IT provider whenever you take over a new client.

It will not only help you gather the right information for a seamless transition, but will also help your new client know that they made a great decision hiring you 😎

Notes for Use

  • Suggest to your new client that they pay the incumbent provider to put this together – you will ALWAYS get a better outcome.
  • Always be very thankful, appreciative and understanding to the incumbent provider – a little bit of gratitude goes a long way, ego doesn’t.
  • Tweak / fine-tune / adjust for your own use (this template has 95% of the work done, you now only need to do 5%).

If it’s a particularly nasty incumbent and they don’t know they are about to be “booted” – then you can do the following:

  • Remove the front cover
  • Remove the introduction letter
  • Remove the last page
  • Remove all branding

Then, ask your client to send this un-branded document to the old IT provider directly and say that they are updating their Cyber-Insurance and that their Insurer has asked them to gather all this information.

Even if the incumbent provider does a poor job of filling this out (lots do) – it will still help you get up to speed faster with new clients and position you as an awesome choice 😎

Special Thanks

A special note of thanks goes to Mat Stocks from PACIT Technical Services for providing original inspiration.

About the author 

Fatima Malabanan

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