by Rally 

November 19, 2020

As part of a successful New Client Onboarding, you need to gather all the billing details, primary contacts, accounts contacts etc for your new client. This is normally done via some sort of New Client Form (that too many MSPs make Boring with a capital B).

So, this template includes some sample questions and flow to make this part of your Onboarding process a little more fun & engaging 🤓

You can also use this form / opportunity to get agreement to your Terms & Conditions as well as asking some deeper questions that can help you work out how to deliver an even better experience to your new client.

Also – make sure you click here to see what this might look like in the flesh (this is a Typeform Example).

This New Client Intake Survey is a step inside the much larger New Client Onboarding Checklist which you can find inside the Tribal Library. This Checklist gives you ideas for all the important parts you need to think about when onboarding new clients.

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